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On September 13 Elkhorn Avenue looked more like a river than a street, and Estes Park was hit by severe flooding that left a mark of destruction on many towns along the front range of the Rocky Mountains. We were fortunate in that both our home and store stayed dry, but others in our town were not so lucky.  Although the town did an amazing job cleaning up, and most businesses reopened quickly, the visitors we rely on in the fall were not able to get here. Coupled with Rocky Mountain National Park closure due to the government shutdown, we lost our important fall season of business here in Estes Park.

A bear fetish can help us get through the hard times.

A bear fetish can help us get through the hard times.

The roads are being rebuilt and most of us in Estes Park are trying to move ahead during this time of transition. In many ways, it is overwhelming. It is hard to shake the images of brown water rushing down Elkhorn Avenue, of houses tilting into raging rivers, of knee high mud in downtown stores, of the destruction and devastation of a powerful water’s path.

It is during this time that we carry the Bear fetish close to our hearts. In Zuni tradition, the bear fetish is a healer and a symbol of strength in adversity. Bear teaches us how to go within and find the strength to move through times of change, to survive transition and emerge with a greater sense of self and purpose.

We are prepared for this process. We know rebounding will not be quick or easy. Like a newborn elk calf, we are standing tall on wobbly legs, knowing the only way ahead is through it. You have supported us in the past, and we have greatly appreciated your business. The connections we have made with you, our customers, as well as the artists we have had the pleasure of supporting, have sustained us through our fifteen years of business at Serendipity Trading Company. The store has stood for quality Native American arts and crafts since 1973, and will continue to do so.

Now, more than ever, we need your continued support.  Please take a look at our new website, and pass it along to your friends. We are excited about the updates and hope you will enjoy them, too. Because each of our pieces is unique and handmade, our goal is to also use this website as a platform to share these one of a kind stories. We hope to hear from you all soon, or see your faces in our store. And, we’ll continue to honor the bear spirit that resides within us all.